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WHAT'S NEW: The Black Dog Blog keeps you up-to-date on everything happening at Black Dog Rescue Project

STAY IN TOUCH: Help Black Dog Rescue Project Spread the Word About Homeless Black Dogs.

BLACK DOG SYNDROME: Understanding Black Dog Syndrome will help change the odds for homeless black dogs.

BLACK DOG WALK: The Black Dog Rescue Project's weekly black dog walk is a walk for a cause to spread awareness about black dog syndrome.
Black Dog Walk Utah: Join the Pack! Enjoy a stroll in the park with your dog and help spread the word about black dog syndrome. Black Dog Walk Utah has all the details on walks taking place in the state of Utah.

NEWSLETTER: Black Dog Rescue Projects monthly newsletter, Rescue Paws, is a dog newsletter you will look forward to receiving each month.
September 15, 2009: Rescue Paws First Issue is Here!
October 15, 2009: Tips and Treats for Halloween!
November 16, 2009: Help a Dog in Need this Holiday Seaon
December 15, 2009: Give the Gift of Life this Christmas
January 15, 2010: New Year, New Hope.

RESCUE STORIES: Inspirational dog rescue stories and the lessons they teach us all.
Create Your Own Story: Tell us your story about your wonderful black rescue dog. Submit your story to us and If we publish it on our site, we'll send you a FREE T-Shirt!.
Remy: How one of the 75 rescue poodles survived abuse and won my heart.
Spooky Dude: After nearly a year in a shelter, Spooky Dude found his forever home.


RESCUE ME: Dog adoption updates on the "Rescue Me" dogs at Black Dog Rescue Project.

ADOPT A DOG: A guide to rescue dog adoption and choosing the right organization and the right dog for you and your family.
Adopt Puppies: It's easy to fall in love with that small bundle of fur. Before you adopt puppies, please make sure you are ready for the responsibility.
All Breed Dog Rescue: All breed dog rescue groups in your area have many great dogs in need of a second chance. Learn where all these dogs come from and why they make wonderful pets.
Large Dog Rescue: Large dog rescue organizations have dogs that will be perfect additions to families with young children.
No Kill Shelters: Understand the current debate on no kill shelters and why there is a need for both kill and no kill facilities.
Pure Breed Dog Rescue: If you are in love with a specific breed, adopting a dog from a pure breed dog rescue group can be very rewarding.
Senior Dog Rescue: The rewards of senior dog rescue are tremendous. These dogs are often overlooked for the wrong reasons.
Small Dog Rescue: There are many more small dogs available for adoption today as a result of the housing crisis. Small dog rescue organizations are full. Find out if a small dog is right for you.

BASIC TRAINING: Basic dog obedience training tips and techniques that result in happy well mannered dogs.
Crate Training a Dog: Crate training a dog will save your personal belongs from destruction and is critical when potty training a dog.
Dog Training Hand Signals: Dog training hand signals are the most effective way to communicate with your dog.
Dog Training Techniques: Dog training techniques that will lead to a happy well mannered member of your family.
Down Command: Once your dog has learned the down command, he will be more comfortable when asked to stay for long periods.
Leash Training a Dog: Leash training a dog can test your patience. With consistent practice, you will soon be enjoying the walk instead of looking for excused to avoid it.
Potty Training a Dog: Potty training a dog can be a simple process if you stick to a routine and remain positive.
Training Your Dog to Come: Training your dog to come when called could save your dogs life someday.
Training Your Sit: Training your dog to sit is an easy command for any dog with good manners.
Training Your Stay: Training your dog to stay is easier that you may think. Add duration, distance and distractions for the dog to truly master the stay.

DOG REHOMING: Finding a new home for your dog may be one of the hardest decisions you'll face. Understanding dog rehoming options, can help ease the pain.
Aggressive Dog: Understanding your choices for rehoming an aggressive dog.
Dog Behavioral Problems: Dealing with common dog behavioral problems. There is hope!
Dog Rehoming: There are good options available for dog rehoming. Finding the perfect new family for your dog can ease the pain of saying good-bye.
Sick Dogs: Caring for sick dogs can be expensive. Emergencies arise and you may unexpectedly find yourself faced with some tough choices.

CRUELTY AND ABUSE: From the victims of dog fighting to the lonely dog in a yard. Awareness is vital to prevent dog abuse and dog cruelty.
Animal Hoarding: Thousands of dogs suffer year after year as victims of animal hoarding. Find out how to recognize if someone you know may be collecting more animals than they can care for.
Pit Bull Fighting: The sad reality is that Pit Bull fighting is now an epidemic in the U.S.
Puppy Farms: Learn how to avoid adding profits to the thousands of puppy farms and help put an end to this inhumane business.
Spay Neuter Programs: Spay Neuter Programs are available in most communities. These programs are the best prevention for more homeless dogs.
Tethering: Tethering a dog is an all too common form of animal abuse. These dogs need to be brought in to a home and loved.

RESCUE DIRECTORY: Find the dog rescue organizations in your area.
Alaska: A directory of Alaska dog and puppy rescue organizations.
Colorado: A directory of Colorado dog rescue organizations.
Dog Rescue Link Exchange: Get your rescue organization listed here for FREE by participating in the Black Dog Rescue link exchange program.
Georgia: A dog rescue Georgia organizations directory.
Illinois: A dog rescue Illinois organizations directory.
Michigan: A directory of Michigan dog rescue organizations.
Oklahoma: A directory of Oklahoma dog rescue organizations.
Oregon: A directory of Oregon dog rescue organizations.
Portuguese Water Dog: Portuguese Water Dog rescue groups will see an increase in the number of dogs in need with the rise of the breeds popularity.
Utah: A directory of dog rescue sites that currently have Utah dogs available for adoption.
Wisconsin: A directory of Wisconsin dog rescue organizations.


FAVORITE THINGS: The place to find a gourmet dog treat, wholesale dog toys, a black dog shirt and rescue dog gifts for your dog and the dog lovers in your life.

GOURMET TREATS: A gourmet dog treat that will have every good doggie begging for more! Share the love with your dog and other dogs less fortunate. Proceeds help homeless black dogs.


ABOUT ME: My life with dogs and why I created the black dog rescue project.

SITE MAP: This site map provides and alternative method to navigate the Black Dog Rescue Project Web site.

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